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Academia Nacional de Medicina

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Chemotherapy Foundation, USA


Sociedad Argentina de Cancerología

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Sociedad Argentina de Urología

Sociedad Chilena de Cancerología

Sociedad de Medicina Interna de Buenos Aires

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The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

Declared of special scientific interest by Facultad de Medicina, University of Buenos Aires.

VI InterAmerican Oncology Conference
"Current Status and Future of Anti-Cancer Targeted Therapies"

Conference Chairmen:

Alex A. Adjei, Buffalo, USA
Román Perez Soler, New York, USA.
Josep Tabernero, Barcelona, Spain

Organizing Committee:

Román Perez Soler, New York, USA.
Andrea Blanco, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Executive Director:

Andrea Blanco, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Conference Secretariat:

InterAmerican Oncology Conferences.
E-mail: secretariat@oncologyconferences.com.ar


Auditorio UCA - Universidad Católica Argentina
Edificio San José - Salón Juan Pablo II
Av. Alicia M. de Justo 1680, Puerto Madero
Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The official language of the Symposium is English.
Translation into Spanish will be provided.


The organizers will not be responsible for individual, medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants are advised to take out their own personal insurance policies.