Preliminary Program

“Current Status and Future of Anti-Cancer Therapies”
October 17-18, 2019
Universidad Católica Argentina
Pabellón San José, Juan Pablo II Meeting Room
Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina


New Anticancer Therapies
Promising Novel Agents in Early Clinical Trials:
Alex A. Adjei, Rochester, USA
Novel Combination Approaches for Cancer Inmunotherapy:
Charles Drake, New York, USA
Inmune Checkpoint Inhibitors for Melanoma:
Antoni Ribas, California, USA
Emerging Checkpoints in Inmune and Vascular Signaling Programs in Cancer:
Gabriel Rabinovich, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cancer Biomarkers:
Antoni Ribas, California, USA
The Evolution of Cancer Immunotherapy:
Breast Cancer
New Drugs and Treatments in Breast Cancer:
Carlos L. Arteaga, Nashville, USA
Challenges in the Genomic Selection of Patients:
Carlos Barrios, Porto Alegre, Brazil
GU Cancer
Novel Therapies in Prostate and Renal Cancer:
Charles Drake, New York, USA
The Evolution of Targeted Therapy and Checkpoint Inhibitors in Bladder Cancer:
Joaquim Bellmunt, Boston, USA
GI Cancer
Novel Therapies in Gastric Cancer:
Josep Tabernero, Barcelona, Spain
New Treatments for Colorectal Cancer:
Josep Tabernero, Barcelona, Spain
Lung Cancer
What’s new in the Management of SCLC:
Alex A. Adjei, Rochester, USA
Current Management of NSCLC:
Román Pérez Soler, New York, USA
Combination Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer:
Hematological Malignancies
New Developments in Lymphoma:
Stephen Ansell, Rochester, USA
Multiple Myeloma:
Kenneth C. Anderson, Boston, USA
Novel Drug Development in Leukemia:
Jorge Cortés, Houston, USA